Thursday, November 5, 2009

An American Girl in Rwanda

Cut me some slack folks...this is my first attempt at blogging...

Why on earth would I travel 36 hours and 8,000 miles to the other side of the globe?

To a third world country?

For these crazy characters?


For THESE crazy characters!!!

Meet my babies (my beautiful and brilliant 11 yr old niece and 5 yr old nephew). Bromely (a.k.a. Bee, Bobbie, Bobs, Brahm, Brahms, Darlin', Bromley Jane, etc...) and Williams (a.k.a. Liam, Pokey, Schnookems, William Kenneth, Terror on Two Feet, etc...).

I adore them.

I love them more than words could ever express. I would lay my life down for either one of them. I was present when both took their first breath, I took their first photos, I have taken a live yellow fever vaccine for them, I have cleaned up their vomit (the ultimate test of true love)...

Those who know my family will concur...girl looks like my MOM!

She's is the most tender-hearted, sensitive, brilliant, and stunningly beautiful girl ever!

It's true.

This is Liam:

Dont be fooled... dont be charmed by the blue eyes and joyful smile...

Here is a more typical Liam expression:

He'll turn 5 in a few days. He knows how to spell F-A-R-T.

He's learning languages I've never heard of....

He amazes me...handsome little guy!

He takes after his motor-mouthed dad...

Nice pose, Ev...

This is me...this is how you'll typically see me pose:

Anyway - hopefully (connectivity pending) I will be chronicalling my adventures to and in Rwanda to visit my sweet babies...

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