Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mixed Emotions

It is 1:00 p.m. Kigali time and Heidi and the kids are taking me to the airport in about 1/2 an hour. In about 40 hours I will be home.

I've had such and nice time and I'm sad to be leaving my family (OK - mostly just the kids), and this beautiful place.

I am however, ready, and happy to be going home. I miss my big comfortaire mattress. I miss my cat and all her 'issues'. I miss having clean fingernails. I miss having more than 2 changes of clothes. I miss going to work. I miss chipotle chicken fajita tacos. I miss cold skim milk. I miss my quiet house (not the mortgage).

But I know as soon as I step foot in the airport in less than an hour, I will miss my beloved babies more than anything...

I came with two suitcases, a 38"x10"x10" cardboard box, and this bag which is now all I'm leaving with:

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