Saturday, December 26, 2009

This won't interest too many other than my parents...

Its Sunday morning - we are shortly heading out to visit some genocide memorials. My recap ought to be one of the more interesting posts here. I've done a lot of reading this past week and the whole topic has me very thoughtful.

This post however, is pretty boring (though there are pics of the fam at the end).

This is post #1 of the tour of Heidi and Evan's house in Kigali. The day I arrived they had moved into a new house right next door to the house they had been living in for several months. Following are some images of the exterior:

A couple of these signs are posted outside the project compound:

The steep hill from the gate at the property entrance - this hill is 10 times better than the previous driveway!:

Heidi and Evan's vehicles at the top of the hill. The big window to the left of the Nissan is the room where I've been sleeping:

The brick wall separating this property from the one they just moved from - broken glass bottles are cemented into the wall as a way to prevent people from climbing over. you see this ALL OVER Kigali:

View of the front porch and front door - this is a wonderful place to sit in the morning with a cup of hot coffee watching the fog and mist move around the mountains:

Sitting on the front porch looking to the right, this small building is the wash house:

Sitting on the front porch, this is the view of the mountains (avocado trees too!):

And looking slightly more to the left, you see the driveway again - and the gate that is guarded 24/7:

What has been particularly disturbing to me is the 1" gap between the bottom of the doors in this house and the floor. Any number of critters can crawl into the house at any time (mice, salamanders and ROACHES)... also, imagine the dust and dirt on the floors inside the house as a result (my mom would go insane):

Finally - some photos of the family on Christmas eve...

Evan and Todd at the Christmas eve party:

Bromley and Sophie at the Christmas eve party:

Pokey (in the Christmas sweater vest) and friends at the Christmas eve party:

I didn't have a picture of Heidi on Christmas eve - but this is typical of the lazy-arse herself:

Evan and Pokey at the Christmas eve candlelight service:

That's it for now - GO VIKINGS!!!!


  1. Great pics Heather! Loved the update and seeing the house! Glad you're having a good time!

  2. The mountains reemble what we saw in Hawaii, but the animals (except Vickie and Will) were not at all like what you saw. Our Christmas eve service included Hula dancing and candleight to Silent Night, and was most memorable beceause we were a family sharing that experience too. The construction workers there were likey glad to have had a job under any conditions, and your Dad and I worked like that with a pick and crooked scafold not that many years ago.
    Here's to fun travel experiences that fill our lives.