Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Sentence I Don't Get To Say Everyday

Today, while on safari in Africa, a baboon attacked me and tried to eat my peanut butter sandwich.

Here she is, moments after trying to leap into the vehicle:

All of the windows in the Nissan were rolled down, and the engine was shut off. This baboon snuck up to the side of the car (none of us, including our tour ranger) had any idea she was sitting outside the front passenger side window until she leaped. Of course it happened so fast I couldn't get a photo. This however, is a photo of her muddy paw print on the door:

I asked the ranger if they have tried this before, and he said yes on occasion they think they will find a piece of food in the car. The only food we had was peanut butter sandwiches way in the back, so I can only imagine that is what she was going for...

After the car was started and the windows rolled up, my ever thoughtful brother-in-law who had control of all the windows from the front seat, rolled my window down as far as it would go so that I could get a close up shot of the baboon (thanks Ev, love you too) .... look, she's giving me the stink eye:

In spite of the windows being up on the other side of the car, these three baboons somehow made it into the backseat with me:

Some of the other wildlife we saw included velvet monkeys:

These things that look like deer, but they jumped a good 6 feet straight up into the air (I don't remember what they were called):

Did someone ask for a hippopotamus for Christmas??

We saw a few herd of zebra. I tried calling and whistling to them, but I couldn't get them to turn around and smile for the camera:

Buffalo - these things were enormous:

My favorite of the day was the close encounter with a giraffe. This animal was so beautiful, and so peaceful. Yes, he is peeing, but he pee'd for like 3 minutes straight:

And.........more zebra butts:

Baboon butt:

Buffalo butts:

And finally, the Nissan after we got home from our day at Akagera:

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  1. I did! I asked for a hippopotamus for Christmas! :) LOL! Great post, Heather!